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The best and the newest Diamond painting tools and accessories

When you receive your first kit, you get basically all the necessary diamond painting tools. But in the market, there are more tools for this hobby. The content of the kit is enough to finish a painting in a short time. Also, the process gives pleasure, so it does not matter if you are a pro, o a beginner. But humankind is wonderful as it tries to make ordinary things to be more efficient, easier to use, more comfortable. The same development process can be seen in the diamond painting.

Here, in this blog post, I will try to describe other tools, that can be used in diamond painting. They may be or may not be more efficient, easier to use, more comfortable, saving more time.

Diamond painting pen and its enhancements

Let’s start with the diamond painting pen. As it is an essential tool, without which you could neither start nor finish your masterpiece. OK, tweezers are the exception – I am writing about this tool in this blog post below. With the diamond painting pen, all you need to do is dip the pen into the wax/glue, pick up a diamond, and position it where needed on the canvas.

As you are used to a simple pink pen, check-out the enhancements that are already in the market.

Extended end of a pen

The tools can be found in Aliexpress

Some of the pens are available with a wide end that helps in picking up to three or more diamond drills. You just need to press the pen against the faceted portion of a diamond drill in a tray and lift away from your tray. The next step is to press the drill on the corresponding square on the canvas and gently press it so that it sticks onto it.

Please note, that you should align the diamond drills in the tray perfectly and close to each other. As I noticed, this method works perfectly with round-shaped diamond drills as you do not need to align them anymore as square ones. For square-shaped diamond drills, you need to slip, push or twist them.

This diamond painting tool may save lots of time when you have to fill a big area with one color diamond drills. Once, when I was doing A Little Prince painting, I had lots of black color drills. I made calculations. Normally I finish it in about 40 days (optimistic scenario) by picking and placing diamonds one-by-one. If I use a wide-end pen and picking up to 5-6 drill at once, I may finish the diamond painting in 3 weeks. If you need to finish a painting fast because you plan to give it to someone as a present, this tool will be necessary for you.

45 Degree Elbow Diamond Painting Pen

The tool can be found in Aliexpress

This tool is a new tool in the diamond painting market. I really like the idea, as an ordinary pen actually is not very comfortable when you are doing the big diamond painting. The elbow pen may help to relax a wrist and prevent you from getting tired. You feel like writing with the ballpen and you can put your drills more accurate than usual.

Usually, this diamond painting tool has double ends – single metal end for picking one-by-one diamond drills (do not forget the wax) and up to 9 diamond drill pen head. It is like two tools in one.

Anti-slip pen sleeve

When you are doing the diamond painting, your hands and fingers are the most valuable body tools. So, protect them. Imagine, if you must write with an uncomfortable ballpen for a quite long time. You will have footprints of a pen left on your fingers. Your hands will be tired. So think about getting an anti-slip pen sponge sleeve. Or your pen already has it. Using this pen enhancement, you will be able to work as long as you wish, not when your hands and fingers become tired.

Diamond painting spin wheel

The spin wheel can be found in Aliexpress

This is an upgrade of diamond painting tools for enthusiasts who need a different way to apply diamonds in bulk. It can be used both round and square diamond drills. It intended to use especially for bigger sizes with large areas of one color.

How to use it? Firstly, stick an adhesive strip to the wheel. Then, like a multi-pick up pen, roll over the prepared diamonds in a tray. Roll-over the canvas by gently pressing the wheel on the corresponding square on the canvas and gently press it.

Do you need this diamond painting tool? Actually, there are lots of preparations before getting the diamonds on the canvas. Firstly, you have to align the drills in the tray perfectly. Then get these diamond stuck to the wheel. If you have lots of practice, good preparation and you are lucky, you can get diamonds perfectly aligned on the canvas. But many users reviewed, as it had to be work speeding tool – it wasn’t. After getting these drills on the canvas – you just have to straighten all the diamonds manually, especially for the square diamonds. And it looks, that you be quicker to do one by one or a multi-pick up pen.

Also, please remember, diamond painting is a pleasure giving hobby, not a race – you do not need to be very fast, you should enjoy the process.

Diamond painting tweezers

I used to do the diamond painting with the tweezers. Why? I love doing square drill paintings, so using the pen, as described above in this blog post, it seemed for me very uncomfortable. Using a pen was not quicker, also, I wasted some time fixing the diamonds on a canvas. Using the tweezers I was able to pick up to three diamond drills at once and putting on the canvas without fixing them afterward. If you usually work with the pen, the tweezers will benefit in adjusting the positioning of diamonds while you work.

Which tweezers you can use?

I was using my ordinary eyebrows tweezers, not these ones from the diamond painting kit. It seemed that tweezers from the kit were made from very weak and flexible steel – in that case, pen seemed more convenient. My tweezers were not good for eyebrows, because they were made from very thick steel. By accident, I found they are perfect for diamond painting.

They are not as long as ones in the kit, so I cannot work for a long time as my palm and fingers get tired. Moreover, with the thin steel tweezers from the kit, I was not able to pick more than one diamond drill at one – that shortcoming slows down the process very much. Also, I need to mention, that not all the diamonds may be picked by tweezers in a group. It depends on their made quality. They look perfect on canvas and are without any spoilage like a flawless diamond, but difficult to work with tweezers picking them in a group if you want to speed up the process.

If you would like to try working with the tweezers and if they are not included in the kit, I recommend trying to find the most comfortable for your palm and fingers in the local store. Also, please consider purchasing the tweezers with bent tips.

Diamonds storage. My experience from beginner to the master

If you are the beginner in diamond painting and you have purchased a small picture, probably, you will not even notice any disadvantage with storage diamond bags. Then you will be able to view all the color bags at a glance. But when you start doing really big diamond paintings, you start thinking about diamond drills storage ideas. Firstly, when I was doing a 60×80 cm painting, I had hundreds of bags. Then, I stored all the diamond drill bags on the window sill in my home office room. The sill was wide enough, but it did not give me enough comfort. I was not able to have perfect sorting nor according to DMC numbers, neither by colors. I had lots of half-opened bags. That annoyed me very much.

If your painting does not have many different colors, you may manage without additional storage tools. But if you have a colorful big diamond painting and you prefer doing it by squares, you need to have diamond sorting and storage solutions.

Idea from the internet

I tried an idea from the internet when you have several trays filled with different diamond drills and you store them in an empty candy box. When you need to work with a specific color, you just take one of the trays from the box. The box looked really great, and It seemed like a solution.

However, after some time, I refused to work in this way because I tended to forget the exact color code in a tray. Also, the box was the thing you may easily and by accident throw off the table. So finally I got not the sorting and storage solution, but a huge headache picking up the diamonds from the carped.

Use the bags that are already in the kit

Some diamond painting kits have empty plastic bags included. They are convenient when you are working with several colors at once. Also, sometimes it seems you have filled all the corresponding symbols and you have left some diamond drill you prefer not to keep anymore. But just in case, you tend to save them. So these plastic bags will be helpful. As there are not many empty bags in the kit, you usually need to have many more of them.

The best diamond drill storage solution

Storage containers can be found in Aliexpress

After several sorting experiments, today I use small plastic boxes, very similar to those from TicTac. They are convenient if I need only several diamond drill of my painting at once. Also, when I am finishing a painting and I need to fill all the left gaps with different colors. Before this solution, I used to throw away the diamond drills that seemed I do not need anymore. So you can imagine, how I regretted my action when I find one more gap with the color I do not have anymore because I threw it away.

How to use this diamond painting storage for drills

  1. Start using diamond painting storage containers (little plastic storage boxes) just as you feel you need. If you do your painting by squares, probably you will need to fill the containers with all the colors that are in the picture. If you tend to work color-by-color, you may need fewer containers and probably not at the beginning of your artwork.
  2. When you fill the container with a specific color, write its DMC code and symbol. It will be very helpful in finding the needed color of the diamond drill very fast.
  3. When you need a specific color diamond drill, pour them into the tray you are working at the moment. If you do not use all of them, pour back them to the container.
  4. Storage these diamond painting drill containers in one bag or box. You can use the same containers for all the diamond paintings if you do them at once.
Storage containers organizer can be found in Aliexpress

This case can store up to 132 bottles for diamond painting drills. You can use this case if you do not have a regular place or table for your hobby. Or when you must change your workplace depending on your family’s daily routine. For example, it can be very convenient if you take your diamond painting when you travel.


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