Have more pleasure with these diamond painting techniques

diamond painting techniques
Square full drill diamond painting

New diamond painting lovers may feel confused, how to start the diamond painting and what technique (or method) to use during the process. In my opinion, this is your personal artwork, so you can work your way. But, please, read this small article what methods are used in diamond painting worldwide and what are the benefits of each one.

Confetti, or multicolor areas 

Multicolor areas of diamond painting usually are floral bouquets, trees or gardens. Sometimes it seems that these areas are covered with the full range of colors in the kit. And sometimes you need only a few diamond drills from the whole kit. 

Working on areas of confetti or multicolor can be trickier than solid colored spaces as you are constantly having to switch colors and differentiate the

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Round vs square diamond painting? And the beloved AB drills.

round square diamond drill AB drill
The gorgeous AB diamond drill

If you already have heard something about diamond painting, the next question you may have is what drill to choose? Round or square? What is AB drills? The same question you may ask yourself if you already tried diamond painting with only one type of drills – round or square ones. Personally, I love diamond painting covered with square diamond drills. But I will try to be very objective and in this article. I will describe in detail what the pros and the cons each one has. So if you are totally new to this art, this article will be very helpful. If you have already finished one or some paintings, I expect, that you will try to use drills different than you have used to. 

What is the difference

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