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Diamond painting for kids

The first time I bought a diamond painting for a kids, it was a few years ago. I bought it for my 8 years old daughter. That was a character from My Little Pony, a full drill square size of 20×30 cm (7,8×11,8 in). However, she just was able to give only 10 minutes of attention to the colorful canvas. It seemed too difficult and required too much concentration. Her grandma even suggested throwing these diamonds to the air like confetti. And which diamonds would stick to the canvas, that type of painting, in the end, we would have. That sounded an interesting idea, but I finished the painting by myself.

My daughter joined me from time to time adding up to ten bright color resin diamonds. The dark colors did not get her attention. Today I have a very beautiful framed painting on the wall. Next time, I would buy a more appropriate diamond painting kit for kids. What I would choose next time?

Why you could suggest this activity for you kid?

I have heard the statement many times – the child’s brain is at his fingertips. Well, agree, it doesn’t seem very logical. But the explanation is very simple. The zones responsible for hand movements and speech live in our brains in the neighborhood, side by side. So, by exercising, we encourage the development of language skills and prepare the child’s hands for writing. The more the fingers become obedient to their little owner, the clearer his language becomes.

By the way, the development of fine motor skills not only stimulates speech development but also improves finger, hand, wrist, hand-eye coordination. Also, it develops attention, memory, concentration, patience, helps to relax the hands, reduces mental fatigue.

These arguments really convince me that I can offer a kid a diamond painting. This activity will require his thinking, precision, concentration, searching and, of course, giving the joy of completion.

Kids are the beginners in arts – think about the size

First of all, let’s not forget what age a child can create a diamond painting – diamonds are very, very small. Because you know your child, evaluate his or her ability to work at a focused level. The size and complexity of the drawing may interest but not bother. You can choose his favorite cartoon character or prepare it as a gift for his or her friend or grandparents. The most amusing thing is that resin diamonds can be used not only in painting. It also can be used to decorate handbags, key pendants, notebooks, o even make a custom-made sticker. Work that has a clear purpose and is engaging is most motivating for the child to complete his or her creative activity.

When it comes to the size of the painting – I suggest starting with the smallest size offered by your supplier. Try the smallest one – such as 15×15 cm (5,9×5,9 in).

Special-shaped diamond painting for kids

Usually, special-shaped diamond paintings are partial canvases where the diamonds do not cover the whole canvas. The package contains diamonds of different shapes, sizes, and colors. If you imagine the Queen of England crown with a variety of gemstones. The painting can also look so impressive and eye-catching. Depending on the size of the painting, the child can complete the drawing in one day or just a few hours.

Round drill diamond painting

The diamond painting beginners are usually choosing round shaped diamonds. It is easier and faster to pick up and place on the canvas with the applicator that is usually included in the kit. Although the spacing between diamonds here is larger than the square. This allows the children to correct the irregularly glued details themselves (or parents will quietly do so). Square diamonds require more effort to place them correctly, they must fit together very neatly, with no gaps.  This can be difficult for children as it requires high concentration and diligence. Failing to do so, children can very quickly lose motivation to complete a drawing. Moreover, round-shaped diamonds have a more sparkly appearance, especially on larger paintings. They give more self-satisfaction during the process and after completing the painting.

Try partial drill painting

Full drill paintings are designed to be fully covered by resin diamonds. Whereas partial drill paintings use diamonds as accents on parts of the printed canvas. The kid can already visualize the final painting and they use resin diamonds as only decorating of the painting – like coloring the book. This kind of crafting does not diminish the motivation of a child and makes him proud of his work. Coping with small paintings increases the child’s confidence consequently the next time he or she can take on bigger tasks.

Also, partial drill paintings are less expensive. If the child still has no interest in the diamond painting, you will not be disappointed with the money spent.


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